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What is STS Stock Picks?

STS Stock Picks is a collection of stock trading portfolios built around different trading strategies. 

You gain access to our trader's personal portfolios with updates whenever we buy or sell stocks. You choose the strategies you want to work with.

It’s time to build wealth and create a portfolio that grows with you over time. Get the smartest trades as they happen so you can take action as soon as the time is right.



Even if you’re already making a profit or trading full time, our Stock Picks portfolios can help you achieve incredible results and build wealth:



We do all the math and the hard work for you, so you can easily sit back and copy our portfolio if you want. But more importantly, you’ll learn how we trade, the underlying principles and the "why" behind each strategy. You take those lessons with you for life.



With our five strategies (and engaging chat channel), you can trade the way you want - and learn powerful new methods along the way. You can finally diversify your portfolio without sacrificing your favorite strategy.



We make trades right alongside of you, and we have a record of success that big hedge fund managers would be jealous of.



Making trades on your own can feel terrifying, especially if you’re trying out a new strategy. But with our community of serious traders, you get to trade and learn with others, helping to ease those paralyzing fears that might have stopped you from making incredible trades in the past.



Even if trading is your full-time job, you probably don’t want to spend all day doing research. That’s where we come in. Get all the research and confidence you need, without spending 80 hours a week reading numbers.

How does it work?

Once you become a member, you will gain immediate access to all 5 STS portfolios as well as all of the stocks that make up each portfolio.

Our portfolios are constantly being updated. As a member, you’ll get alerts right on your phone - for every trade we make - as they happen.

That way, you can “get in on the ground floor” and join us for the ride, without missing a minute of movement. 

Simply download the Telegram App and get private updates directly to your phone. 

You can also chat with us and our other members any time. 

Set up the app on your phone, computer, or tablet, and choose the notification settings you want. 

Plus, you’ll see the technical analysis behind our trades, so you know exactly what’s going on. 

That’s why this membership is powerful: you get to learn how each trade is made, improving your skills and your portfolio at the same time. 

 For more information on the different strategies, click the button below.

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Is This Right For Me?

As long as you’re interested in building wealth, STS Stock Picks is right for you.

Most of our members fit into one of three categories:
Basic Concept Beginner

Maybe you understand how trading works, but you haven’t put a ton of money into your trades yet. If you need a little extra guidance and more confidence to put your money into your future, this is the place for you.

Established Trader

You’ve been trading for a few months or years, and you’ve even made a profit on a few good trades, but you need more research and guidance to turn this passion project into something bigger. Grow your wealth with us and expand your portfolio with our consistent research methods.

Successful Trader

For anyone who’s currently making a significant income from their trades, or trading full time, Simple Trading Strategies gives you insights into new strategies and instant updates on trades you might not have time to research on your own.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Simple Trading Strategies:

Peter Murray

"Al Losada I've been here for one month today, and I wanted to just say thank you. I have learned so much from your program, and my account has benefited tremendously. I've tried other programs and this one is the best. It's simple and the fact that you are so accessible makes it worth every penny"


"I've been trading with Al for a while and have been amazed with the level of education and professionalism with his service.

There are many different avenues of trading that you can take with this service so there is definitely something for everyone.

If you are looking to grow and profit as a trader then this is the premier service for you."

Francois Harris

"Thanks again, this is the most comprehensive trading group I’ve come across. You have something for every type of trader."

We have combined decades of experience trading everything from stocks, to currencies, to options to futures. 

All of our traders have developed and refined strategies that have allowed them to break free from working 9-5 jobs and achieve their dream of trading full time - earning hundreds of thousands of dollars (and we have helped over 1200 students along the way). 


Now, we are taking all of that knowledge and experience and turning it into simple, easy-to-follow strategies that let you skip ahead past all the research and go straight to the portfolio-changing trades you want. 


Learn how and why we trade the way we do - and get in on the wealth with us. 

Our Trade Strategies and Channels

The Wheel Strategy

These are long term and short term cash secured puts that  generate income monthly. Our goal is to avoid assignment by rolling the trade for additional credit. If assigned, we use covered calls that allows us to generate additional income. 

Portfolio Builder (Long Term)

Find great companies with consistent EPS and powerful growth trends. You may find a few dividend stocks here as well, but the main goal is growth. If you’re looking for reliable upward trends, this is the place to start.

Small Cap

High-potential, low-cost growth stocks mostly under $20 that have EPS growing for 4 quarters or more. There may be more than one portfolio at any given time, and they are actively managed.

If you’re trading regularly and want to get great growth opportunities, the Active Investor portfolios will get you there.

Dividend Portfolio (Long Term)

Build your portfolio with dividend stocks that have been paying out more and more over time. Generate more income from your investments with reliable dividends from some best kept secrets.

RSI Trade

We use the Relative Strength Index (RSI) along with high quality stocks with long term uptrends, and experiencing short term corrections. The strategy is similar to a swing trade where we capitalize on quick wins that can be traded on a daily basis.

STS Traders Chat

Ask us about our trades, gain deeper knowledge about each strategy, and network with other traders just like you. Our chat is the best way to dive deep and improve yourself - and your portfolio.

Start Building a Stronger Portfolio Today.

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